My Top 10 Favorite Foods


I have almost been around the world. I been to many places. These are my favorite things to eat depending on availability and location.

1. Self-made Classic Cheese Burgers: The art of making a good cheese burger is something I can only do myself at Home. Two – 1/2 pound patties hand mixed with 1/4 diced white sweet Onion. Topped with Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese, finely sliced beef steak tomatoes, Crunchy dill pickle slices, ripped iceberg lettuce, regular Hellman’s mayonaise, yellow mustard, and ketchup with a side of potato wedges fried in olive oil with Hidden Valley Ranch dressing for the wedges.

2. Pizza: Hawaiian or Meat lover. Nothing spicy or vegetarian. Extra meat and cheese please.

3. Home Made Lasagna: love it when it has a good thick meaty sauce, not watery, with plenty of mozzarella and ricotta cheese in it and topped on it.

4. Grilled Ribeye Steak: 16 ounces at least. Cooked medium well. lightly salted only. Side of Baked potato with real butter, sour cream, and chives. Possibly a vegetable of broccoli or corn on the side.

5. Jaeger Schnitzel: Made like they do in a Gasthaus in Germany, mushroom sauce and all. Side of Pommes and Bier….

6. Doner Kebab: Just like the ones the Turkish sell in German bistro’s. Meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and the mildly spicy white cream sauce. They are very unforgettable.

7. Pork, Beef, or Chicken Adobo: there are various ways that I have seen it made. Either way I like it as long as there is enough sauce to cover the rice.

8. Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken (boneless): I love it when the sauce is home-made and has chunks of fruits and vegetables in it. I like to top it over Vegetable Fried Rice.

9. Indian Grilled Chicken Tikka: I like it with a salad, flat bread, and the white garlic dipping sauce.

10. Thick BBQ Beef Ribs: Need I say more? Bullseye Original BBQ Sauce is my favorite. Home made Cole slaw, Corn on the cob (buttered with salt and pepper), Potato wedges, and a good German beer.



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