If I Won The Lottery


If only I were so lucky…….

1. I would make sure my kids have what they needed to start off with on their own. A house, a reliable automobile, Insurance, and college fund set aside for when they are ready. I would also create them a bank account with 1 million dollars in it for each of them. They will only receive it if and when they graduate their 4 year college or university. Its up to them to invest and spend it wisely. it will be the last handout they recieve.

2. I would give each ex-wife(2) a half million each so they will not feel obligated to bother me for anything more ever again.

3. I would buy my own properties with large eco-friendly homes with built in gyms in select places that my wife and I would like to spend time at. I would create a few businesses for revenue and providing jobs. I would buy massive pieces of property in Bicol, Philippines, Northern California, Michigan, and Idaho; turning them into private wild life sanctuaries. Poachers will be shot on sight.

4. I would donate money to youth groups with a purpose. Like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, 4-H, and various young Christian organizations. I would help with the rebuilding of schools in areas hit by natural disasters.

5. Some Charity would go to The International Red Cross and I would direct it to a specific task they are responding to. Army Emergency Relief (AER) would get a good bit for helping soldiers in need. Wounded Veteran organizations with zero over head will get some as long as I get a report and visual as to where the money went. The Salvation Army will also recieve some for helping international efforts.

6. I would spend some time traveling the world. My Travel Bucket includes: Vietnam, Tibet, Nepal, Russia, Ireland again, Spain, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Panama.

7. I would invest in Gold Bullion, Rental Properties, and Mutual Funds.

8. I would further my own education in maybe a Business Management field or Teaching. Completely retiring would be boring.

9. I would buy some of my Dream cars that I always wished I had, a few motorcycles, a large fishing boat for open water, a large sail boat (catamaran) with solar auxillary motors; capable of international sailing, and learn how to fly personal small aircraft.

10. I would relax and enjoy life.



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