Unemployment and Welfare Reform

My Ideas on Unemployment and Welfare Reform.

An Opinion Piece.

Unemployment and Welfare is only meant to be a temporary source of income, Not a lifestyle. Too many people are making an occupation of staying on the unemployment and welfare systems by popping children out one right after the other, or they really just don’t want to work.

My reforms would only cover Three children of the recipient(s). Anything they need for additional children will be the incentive for them to find work. Those who have more than Three kids will be offered free sterilization; Man, woman, or preferably both.

There will also be Mandatory drug testing for illegal Substances for all people receiving Unemployment or Welfare. If test is positive on the first test, rehabilitation classes will be mandatory and monthly tests will be given. Failure to quit illegal drugs use will result in the automatic removal from the payment system and children will be placed into state provided foster care.

I will suggest a time cap on receiving unemployment/welfare for periods of no longer than Six month intervals. Six months is more than enough time to rebound from one job and into another. Even if it means relocating to a new city or State. To find necessary work people will need to learn to be more nomadic. My system will offer a small relocation grant that will cover the cost of rent, deposit, utilities, and moving for a job only when the employer has agreed to hire the applicant. Passport and Visa assistance will be offered to those who find suitable work abroad. Extensions of the Six month time limit will be determined case by case by the case worker based on the job market and the applicants effort to find employment. No effort = No pay after Six Months.

Welfare offices will start to have an Unemployment labor office’s and temp service’s integrated into their facilities with a federal data base to help create good resume’s and find jobs immediately that the recipient(s) are qualified for as soon as possible. When offered a job the recipient(s) must take it if it is within their capability and commuting distance. Once a stable income is achieved the recipient(s) will be removed from the systems or have the benefits reduced as to not be a complete or continuous drain on the tax system. Single parents or couples with low incomes, with children not yet in school, will receive a set amount to cover costs at a licensed daycare facility during their job search and depending on the income amount of the recipient.

Those lacking proper education preventing them from finding suitable jobs will be given the opportunity to take certification courses in various administrative and vocational fields. When a certification or diploma is achieved the Six month period will begin and the system will begin assisting them again in finding employment. Failure to complete the course and dropping out will result in loss of benefits.

David Lee Martin

US Army Veteran


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