If I were the President of the United States.

I would definitely be doing some serious executive action.

1. Taxes: There would be a flat income tax rate for all. 30% from all. Does not matter the income gap. Blue collar or executive will pay the same. Fair is fair. I would average the product tax in stores nation wide. No 1 state will pay more than the other… Fuel prices will be adjusted to be the same nation wide. Diesel will be the lowest costing since it drives commerce. Property Tax will be a State issue.

2. Jobs: I would do everything humanly possible to take our foreign jobs and bring them back into the US. You should not have to talk to a call center in India or Manila for something you did or bought in the US. Americans spend enough time on phones and behind computers to be well suited for this kind of work.

I would make the US Auto industry bring jobs back to the US or face higher tariffs on imported vehicles and parts. I would make Overseas countries who export cars into the US require fair trade deals. Equal import-export. As of now Asia and Europe have very few American made vehicles. I would also add a 10 percent deficit Tariff to foreign cars entering America. The deficit tariff would help to pay off the National Debt. The price of not buying American made and supporting your fellow American job force. As incentive, if you trade in a foreign made car in good condition, I would have the automotive dealers deduct a percentage on the Newly purchased AMERICAN MADE automobile.

I would put more weight on the textile industry to create more work for Americans. Stop making clothes in Asia in crowded sweat shops by kids and for slave wages. America has a cotton and wool industry, we can definitely teach people how to sew again. Where has home economics gone?

Agriculture would also get an overhaul. Monsanto would be out of business. All fruits and Vegetables will be non-GMO and heirloom in type. Requiring more people for production and crop management. Also high schools in agricultural areas will be required to have optional agricultural elective courses teaching basics of planting, soil management, and fertilizing. No more illegal immigrants in the fields. It is understandable that they do jobs that others don’t like. But those are American Jobs wasted. If farmers are caught employing illegal’s they will be heavily fined. The fees from that fine will also go towards the deficit. The foreigners with a proper valid Work visa will not be subject to punishment.

3. Primary Education: There will surely be more vocational schools built. Our Manufacturing industry is in the gutter. America would be greater if She could sustain herself. We need less MADE IN CHINA cheap garbage. More Americans need to be into building, developing, and creating. Not just buying and selling. Course’s in school will stay true to history. Nothing is gonna be removed to make some religious, atheist, or ethnic groups happy. History will be taught as it really was. Most kids now days can’t point out England on a map. Learning additional languages will also be introduced starting in junior high or middle school and continue into high school. It will be an optional elective as well but strongly encouraged. Uniforms will also be introduced to close the social casting scene based on appearance. There will be uniformity. Every morning the students will do the pledge of allegiance. Those who refuse can opt to send their child to a private school or home school. National Anthem will be played prior to every sporting event.

4. The Government: The Constitution and its Amendments will not be changed. The 2nd Amendment is definitely not up for debate. Open carry will not only be permitted but encouraged with a license of training. Any new proposals for new Amendments will be voted on by the public, not congress. Anything relating to the public directly will be voted on by them. Politicians taking bribe money from lobbyists will be relieved of duties and imprisoned for a term based on the monetary amount received.

Military powers will be taken away from Congress and a Military War Comity will be formed consisting of the highest ranking heads of each military branch and intelligence services, with the president having the final say based on the recommendation from the commanding Generals.

The lowest ranking soldiers will make more than the standard national minimum wage. No way would I allow a burger flipper to make more than the person who would fight and die for him.

The Armed Service Branches will be rebuilt to a modern sustainable force capable of going to war any where any time. Closed Bases in Europe and Asia would be negotiated into re opening.

We will discontinue supporting the United Nations. They have become a “for profit” organization. While Genocides were happening in Africa they looked the other way because they had nothing economically to gain.

Wars will only be declared on Humanitarian grounds such as Genocide and liberating a suffering oppressed population. No wars for economic advantage will be declared. If we are attacked by an organized military, we will level their nation.

There will be no restrictions as to where the National flag can be posted. Patriotism and love of country will be strongly encouraged. Those who burn the US Flag or walk on it will be exiled from ever returning to the US. Not even under special conditions. No other nations flag will be permitted to be flown outside their homes. This is America, Love it or Leave it.

Countries with citizens who condemn the US and burn the Flag of the United states WILL Lose foreign aid without a chance of redeeming it for not controlling their people by building a sense of appreciation with its population. Their visa privileges will also be revoked. Its current citizens on US soil will be allowed to complete the terms of their current visa’s without renewal. We will no longer aid countries in any way that hate us.

5. Environment, Energy, Oil, and Gas: More emphasis will be placed on using our own resources while trying to avoid fracking. More Gulf, Texas, and Alaska resorting while minding close attention to the environmental safety and cleanliness. We as US citizens need to stop relying on Arab resources. We need to stop helping our haters become richer.

There will also be more encouragement for Alternative energies like solar, wind, and hydro-electric in the private homes and communities. There will be NO punishment for being off the National grid and being self sufficient. Urban farming and rain water collecting will also be permitted every where.

6. Immigration: There will be no more citizenship just for being born in the US. At lease one parent must be a naturalized citizen of the Continental US and Hawaii. Work Visa’s will have limits set to as how many terms you can stay. The only route for foreigners to become a US citizen will to have served in the US Armed services loyally and honorably for a minimum of 3 years.

Illegal Immigrants will be deported to their countries and given nothing for help when they get off the plane. Immigrant children of illegal’s will get a sack lunch and a change of clothes prior to take off.

Illegal’s who commit heinous crimes such as murder while in the US will be immediately executed. No Jail time, just 1 phone call to their mother. Their foreign government will have no say. There will only be one trial. No appeals. Bodies will be cremated regardless of religion, boxed up, and shipped to their respective president of their Nation.

Islamic Refugees will no longer be allowed free range in the United States. Properly set up internment camps will be set up with cooperating countries near their home land and they will be returned to their home land when the conflict is over. While in the camps, teachers and trainers will be provided for educating the children and helping the adult learn life skills and what to do to rebuild their homelands. Basic necessities like Health care, food, water, and hygiene items will also be provided.

7. Social Security: It will be adjusted to a livable wage in accordance with their local economies in which the citizen lives. Our elderly will not suffer so foreigners can get Aid. Social Security has been paid for and earned. I would also lower the retirement age back to 60. Working after is optional depending on health of the citizen.

8. Health Care: Responsibility for your health will be placed back on the individual. States will provide a simple coverage for those with low incomes. Freedom to choose the Insurance provider and plan of choice will be on the citizen. No one should suffer for a national health system forced upon him that does not suit his needs or doesn’t need. Dental will also be expanded so that braces will be fully covered by insurance providers and not just considered cosmetic.

9. Tackling Racism: No applications or government forms will continue to ask race, religion, or ethnicity. Only police forms will continue to monitor those. The police forms will be used for Audits, demographics, and accusations of profiling. Any officer convicted of profiling will be terminated and black listed for holding a government paid position permanently. Any police brutality unjustly warranted and proven will result in the death sentence for the police officer. Anyone unjustly attacking or killing a police officer will get the death sentence also.

Any hate crimes whether black on white or white on black will hold equal consequences under written law at a supreme court level. There will be no more additional privileges for any one race, religion, or ethnic group. Hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan, Black Lives Matter, and Black panthers will be forcibly removed from rally’s or protests. They will never be issued a permit for a public assembly. We are All Americans and deserve equal rights and the right to live peacefully with one another.


Written By David Lee Martin


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