An Opinion Piece

Old man Bernie Sanders has captured a large audience of young new first time voters with the idea of a free education. Sure it is a great idea in principle. However, there is no such thing as a free ride. Someone must foot the bill. Taxes will be increased and that is not fair to the tax payers who have already paid their way through school in order to reach their level of success. Teachers have to be paid, schools must be built, buildings maintained, current books must be supplied to libraries, and technology must be kept as current as possible. You cannot make that possible without the states going into debt and bankrupting. Society needs to stop catering to these younger generation lazy cry babies.

People also need to stop getting degrees with no practical uses. There are too many people already with some degrees in job markets that is too competitive. Everyone should have to take an aptitude test to see what industries they would be best suited for, not just what they feel like doing. If they fail it is money wasted, theirs and the tax payers. If they still want to go their own route they should foot their own education bill. If they do then succeed the industry can reimburse them a portion.

Something that I considered was getting industries involved in the education and training of people in their specified industries. Some industries do. Why pay 40-60,000 dollars for an education that someone else’s business will profit from? I don’t intend that they should pay all. However if you sign on to work for a term for their business for an “X” amount of time after the education they should agree to foot all or part the bill.

Example 1: Automotive Mechanic. Tech schools are not cheap. However there are many dealerships looking for mechanics who are ASE or dealership certified. At a State level they could make schools for their brand. You will go to school for their equipment for as long as it takes. If they pay your entire education you should have to work for them for as long as they think your education was worth to them. If you pay your own way you can work for who you want with their certifications.

Example 2: Psychologists, Doctors and Nurses…. Nurses and doctors can go through schools and internships for many years. Their education is expensive. Major hospitals and clinics can easily foot that cost for as high as hospital bills are. Big Pharmaceutical companies are selling a 2 dollar pill for 50. No reason why they cannot invest into the education of their own medical staff. Some Hospitals already have similar programs in place.

Example 3: Retail Sales… It does not take a diploma or degree to shelf and sell items. Much of retail can be learned with “On The Job Training.” Just like fast food. It does not take a genius. Definitely not worth 15 dollars an hour. This is an entry job field for teens. With weekly training sessions you can work your way  up to Manager in this field. The enlisted military education system is a great example of moving up through education and with experience.

Example 4: Civil Engineers, Electricians, Auto CAD Drafter’s, Construction Engineers, etc… Let construction and Business firms pay for their Education. These skills can be used practically anywhere and will always be in demand somewhere. Just require a commitment period after employment.

I am pretty sure my opinion is getting across on this. I personally don’t want my taxes increased so that some lazy free loaders can get his/her education. I grew up without a silver spoon in my mouth. For my secondary education I joined the US Military, I took their aptitude test (AFSAB), and went to their technical schools. After the military I went into defense contracting where I met people educated on the civilian side in similar fields. The military education seemed more advantageous to me because some of the other contractors who I worked with went to normal civilian tech schools did not seem as fit for the work we were doing. That is why I feel people should be educated for and by the industry they will work.


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