The Death Penalty

An Opinion Piece.

I am for the Death Penalty. There are too many people out in our society who do not belong there. They were not raised properly. They are a menace to friends, family, and strangers. They have no souls and don’t care who they hurt. They have no faith in a god or learned to live morally within society as good Atheists do. Be sure to have evidence in order so no appeal can win.

These are the people who I feel deserve the Death Penalty:

1. People convicted of heinous crimes such as killing of an innocent person intentionally. This does not apply to those who kill in self defense, the defense of others, protecting your physical property such asa business, home, or car, or while serving in the Military. With the exception of those who intentionally target non-threats in the combat zones. There are Rules of Engagement that define what a target is.

2. Rapists and Molester. If they do it once they will likely do it again. It is a mental sickness that cannot be controlled and they are usually repeat offenders. Keep women and children safe by just getting rid of them. It does not matter if it is a stranger, friend, or family member. They must go. They may not hurt you again but there is a possibility he will hurt others. The only other alternative I see is Castrating them, making them have a sex change, put them in General population of an all male federal prison for life without parole. Let them feel the suffering they have done to others.

3. Islamic Extremists, Radical Imams, Radical Mufti’s, Terrorists, Those preaching hate towards others, and those sending them financial Aid. The world has seen enough of Radical Muslims causing problems. They need to be exterminated

4. Christian/Catholic Priests who molest children and steal church funds for a lavish life. Priesthood is about abstinence, sacrifice, and serving the Lord and others, not yourself.

5. Bankers and Fake Investors who embezzle and steal other peoples money in excessive amounts.

6. Corrupt Police. They were hired to protect and serve the Citizens of their communities. If they fail society fails. The world is messed up enough.

7. Crooked Politicians who accept bribes from Lobbyists like Monsanto, who do more damage to peoples health in order to help Big Pharma.

8. Anyone who just assaults or kills a good Police Officer out of hate. These guys are only trying to do their Jobs by serving your communities to keep people safe.

9. Illegal Drug dealers of any kind, no matter the amount. Although they may have not killed with their hands, the product they are distributing is killing hundreds every day. The only place you should get drugs is a Pharmacy with a doctors prescription or the recommendation of the Pharmacist. Know what you are taking and for what!

10. Human Traffickers. Scum of the Earth who get people enslaved, forced into prostitution, or killed. If someone is trying to offer you a job in a foreign country contact the embassy or ask for a business registration number and try to validate that it is a true business. If not, help authorities catch the illegal recruiter.

11. People who torture, abuse, and kill pet type animals for fun that are not meant to consuming. Animal cruelty leads to worse behaviors like the ones mentioned above. If you cannot eat it then leave it alone.
As for Prison terms I don’t think there should be any wait before the execution. A week at most. Just long enough to say good bye and Sorry to friends, Family members, and those they caused suffering to. More than what their victims got. If evidence is definitive or DNA has nailed the accused, then there should not be a waste of Tax Payers dollars by occupying prison space, food, medical care, or recreational facilities. Prisoners already get better treatment than our Senior Citizens and Veterans. I for one believe that is wrong. End the congestion and just get rid of death row inmates. Don’t waste their time in jail and money that could be given to those who deserve and justly need it.

Electric chair, Lethal Injection, Hanging, Gas Chamber, or Firing squad. Let the punishment fit the crime or let victims or their families decide how it is done. Bring back public executions so society can witness first hand where not to go wrong.
David Lee Martin

Functional US Army Veteran






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