Kuwait is a small desert country on the North West edge of the Persian Gulf. It borders Iraq to the North and Saudi Arabia to the south. It has a population of just over 4 million. Only 1.3 million being actual Kuwaiti. The rest are expatriate labor force. The official language of Kuwait is Arabic. They do have their own dialect. The National religion is Islam. There are a few small churches for it’s foreign labor. The total land area of Kuwait is 6,880 Square Miles. The currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar with an exchange rate around 3.30 US Dollars per Kuwaiti Dinar.


For socializing and night life the country is quite boring unless you like coffee shops or Smoke shops. There are billiard halls but the Kuwaiti’s are sore losers. I wouldn’t waste my time in one again. Alcohol is illegal and you must obey Islamic laws when it comes so socializing with people of the opposite sex. As a man if you want to share a hotel room or Apartment with a woman you must first prove that you are married. Holding hands in public is also a taboo… better have marriage papers. But it is ok for men to hold hands which is usually considered by the rest of the world as a homosexual habit. Quite often the guys in Kuwait holding hands are most likely Gay. Supposedly it is a sign of friendship.


The climate in Kuwait can be very hot, dry, and unforgiving when winds shift from the desert. It is a necessity to drink plenty of water, sometimes up to 9 to 12 liters a day. When the winds shift from the gulf it can be unbearably hot and humid. In winter it occasionally drops to freezing during the night. Sand storms often occur in the spring and Fall months, limiting visibility and causing accidents to stupid reckless drivers.

There are some activities to pass time in Kuwait. You can go shopping at one of its many malls, restaurants, and shopping outlets. You can visit sea side parks if you can handle seeing a lot of trash. There is a scientific center with Kuwaiti culture exhibits and also a large aquarium full of sea life. You can visit the Kuwait towers which is a popular land mark on the coastline of Kuwait City. You can visit Al Hamra tower which is the tallest building in the country and 20th in height in the world.

Environmentally Kuwait is a Disaster. It has no real sanitation system in place to keeps its public places and streets clean. Some parks do have trash cans but they are usually over filled and what is left is blowing all over the place. The beaches are filthy messes. Trash, plastic, broken glass, tires, ropes, fishing nets, and just about anything else can be seen washing up on beaches and floating in the Marinas. There are groups who periodically get sick of seeing it and assemble volunteer groups to clean it without the assistance of Kuwaiti’s. The Kuwaiti’s tend blame it on the foreign nationals who they bring over to work for all of the mess, although it is their country, they don’t want responsibility for it, just the free government handout. Kuwaiti’s are generally a lazy population.

Air pollution is also a problem. With all the refineries, wells, platforms, automobiles, and gas stations there is always a constant yellow haze over the gulf. You will smell like burned oil sometimes. After a while you get use to smell and don’t usually notice it until you leave to somewhere with fresh air and return. Almost always you will get a respiratory infection until your body adapts. Most of us call it the Kuwaiti Crud. Luckily you can get antibiotics over the counter at most pharmacies.

Human Right is also a problem in Kuwait. More often than none a domestic servant is abused by being beat, burned, raped, neglected, and sometimes killed in cold blood. Sometimes by the Kuwaiti police themselves. The police are not trusted at all by the Asian women working there. Kuwaiti’s are rude and often disrespectful. The money from the government has made them cheap and arrogant. They pay very low wages for their workforce. A McDonald’s worker in Kuwait, usually Filipino or Indian will work more than 8 to 10 hours a day 6 to 7 days a week just to earn 100-120 KD a Month to send home to their families. They are packed into accommodations like sardines in a can, usually 4 to a small bedroom. When they are sick the employers dock their pay forcing them to work even while very sick.

The United States, in its 2014 US State Department annual Trafficking in Persons report, classifies Kuwait as a Tier 3- among the most problematic countries – for the 8th consecutive year. The report cited Kuwait’s failure to prosecute trafficking offenders using the 2013 anti-trafficking law or other laws that address trafficking crimes. It was found that efforts to help abused workers were not accompanied by any enforcement activities against the employers from whom the workers have fled. It was also found that Kuwaiti Authorities failed to protect victims of trafficking. Most likely due to their involvement and accepting cash bribes.

Some people will ask why I say all this or know this. I am a former US Soldier and defense contractor who lived in Kuwait on the Economy from 2009 to the end of 2015. I witnessed and seen al that I discuss in this blog. I can go on but I would seem hateful. Not all of the Kuwaiti’s are bad people. The best ones are the ones who went to the US or the UK for proper education and opened their minds and learned a bit about humanity. But their society and governance structure needs a serious overhaul. Their Royalty, the Emir and Crowned Prince are good leaders who are too Generous to their people….


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