Is facing and overcoming your fears even when most would be frozen with fear, defend and protect your Friends, Family, and those not capable of defending and protecting themselves from dangers. Many good soldiers lost their lives, or almost while showing great displays of courage. God Bless members of the Armed Forces for doing what most couldn’t.


Is doing what is necessary and right without having to be told. Do the right thing always in the absence of others. Keep with your routines and habits even when at times you don’t feel like it. Make yourself presentable to others and set an example to follow. Don’t follow others in the mainstream. It is better to be the one person doing the right thing rather than being part of thirty people doing the wrong thing.


Be loyal to your Family, friends. And coworkers. Stand by them through good times and bad. Pick each other up when one is down. Don’t give up on one another.


Is keeping your word. Do what is right to keep others proud of you. As a soldier you take an oath when enlisting and are expected to always uphold it. Do not do what may bring shame upon you.


Be kind towards others. Treat guests warmly like family. Offer food and drink when the situation permits. Be welcoming towards others. Leave a lasting impression that others will not forget your kindness.


Work for a living and be proud of what you do. Do your best to know your craft well. Be part of a solution in making improvements in your job and career field. Share your knowledge to apprentices or new people just starting, don’t hold anything back. Do your best to avoid a weak link in your environment.


Do not quit in anything you started. Finish only when your task is complete. Don’t give in to others. Set goals and strive to meet them. Don’t quit at the first sign of difficulty, but see it as a challenge to over come. Push on through to the end.



Learn your skills to the best of your ability so you don’t have to be a burden on others. Learn to do things on your own without needing assistance if it is within your ability. Be independent, don’t rely on others for your survival. Have some self worth and value your ability to manage yourself. Learn to cook, clean, and do basic life functions.


Be Honest to others and yourself. Think before you speak. If you are unsure of something don’t discuss it until you know more. If you did not see it with your eyes, hear it with your ears, or have proof, don’t talk about it. Never lie or speak with uncertainty. Sometimes it is better to be silent than to ruin your credibility.


Note: I understand this is hard for some, it was not easy for me. No one is perfect. I am not perfect. But I strive to live with these virtues and I constantly try to seek self improvement in my life. You will see yourself developing into a person of better character. Others will see you in a more positive light and no one can legitimately talk negative about you. The inserted photo is a view of the Caramoan Islands from Mount Caglago in Barangay Tabgon. Part of the Caramoan municipality. Camarines Sur, Bicol, Philippines. This location has been used multiple times for the Survivor television series.


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