My wife and I are visiting Manila for the week. As most people know Manila is the National Capitol Region of the Philippines. It is a very big city in size and has many districts.

Poverty is a major problem here. With Millions of people centralized to Manila, all types of life styles can be seen. From the mansions, apartments, condo’s, and to the card board mats under business awnings at night. You really cannot walk far without some child tugging on you asking for change or some ragged adult asking for hand outs as well.

Over the last few years I have helped some the poor and unfortunate directly by giving small some money so they can eat or find a place to stay. I wish I could help them all but I know I cannot. There are many NGO’s operating within the Philippines, but not without losing some financing or products to corrupt politicians wanting their cut. Much of the foreign aid given to the Philippines does not make it to the people as witnessed when the world came together to help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Tacloban is still trying to rebuild 3 years later.

What brought me to this subject of CHARITY was something I witnessed while in Robinson’s Mall in Malate, Manila Thursday the 5th of May. My wife and I were Having dinner in Sbarro’s Pizzaria when a young girl around 12 to 13 years of age came in carrying a baby boy that was no more than a year old. I don’t know if the child was hers or maybe a sibling. It was obvious she was the primary person in that baby’s life by the way he clenched on to her. Both were filthy from head to toe, hair was matted, old dirty clothes full of holes and stains, the young girl was even bare footed, not even a cheap pair of flip flops. She was walking from table to table asking for food for her and the baby. I couldn’t believe how Cold her fellow Filipino’s were. The were shooing her away as if she were just a fly. I immediately put one of my pizza slices on the table across from us and I told her to sit down and eat. She said she was not allowed to eat there because the staff would make her leave. How rude and inhumane…. So I had it boxed up and My wife gave her an additional 50 Philippine Peso so she could get something for the baby. The Filipino’s who initially rejected the poor child looked at us like we were doing something wrong. That is a selfish society.

My wife and I live in the province just outside of Caramoan. Of course there are poor there. But no one starves or goes without human needs. Neighbors there help each other. There is an abundance of agriculture, many fruits grow wildly, plenty of seafood, native chicken, and rice. Manila and province culture is two different worlds.

What good is a Man/Woman who does not try to make the world a better place? Even if it is just the world around him. Charity does not have to be money. It can be given in the form of food, clothing, shelter, the environment, school supplies, medical supplies, and some volunteer time helping them. You can look online to find local and foreign charities that interest you. Churches even do food drives for pantries that help those down on their luck. For the sake of Humanity, find a way to contribute to help this world. Find out what the charity’s overhead is. Some are keeping over 70% for the organizations use and not directing enough towards the needy. I stopped trusting the UN. Not enough of their funds actually see the people that need it and they pick and choose who to save by deciding what they can gain economically. UN allowed genocides to happen in Africa because their country had nothing to benefit from.

For 18 years I have had a few dollars a month go to the International Red Cross through Combined Federal Campaign. It was automatically deducted from my salary like an allotment. You can also ask for the contact information of the people in charge of charity projects on location and send direct to the targeted area of the charity you want to support. When life gives you an opportunity to give and help others you should. It will bring a sense of satisfaction that you may have helped feed someone, helped to live longer, get medical attention they needed, or get an education they could not afford.

I am only one person who tries to do my part in helping others when an opportunity presents itself. We all can.



5 thoughts on “CHARITY

  1. You are absolutely right.. Manila is the place where I don’t want to stay for long not just for the poverty you can see every where but for so much pollution which will risk your health..
    Once more I am proud to be CARAMOANON, as it was mentioned, the sort of relationship that people in this town have, will not be seen and experienced in any other part of the Philippines , perhaps.

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