Living in the Philippines can be crazy when it comes to motor transportation. Many people here  drive wrecklessly and without care to others on the road. Having no kids with my wife yet and no plans to haul any major items myself I decided to just get a motorcycle for the time being.
I am a tall guy. I am 6 feet 4 inches tall. My weight is now 112 kg. I was up to 137 prior to coming to the Philippines. I was looking for a bike that was not expensive, had a good seat heighth, and enough power to push me up and down the Mountains where we live.

I looked at the Yamaha FZ 16 and the SZ 16. Both had the 153cc engine in them but had a big price gap between the two. I looked at Honda and it seems like you were buying the name and they are not much for size or looks in quality. Then I took a look at Kawasaki. I seen the Barako’s, CT 100, Boxer, and the Rouser 135, 180, and the 220. The dealer said they had a bigger body model coming and showed me the specs on the KAWASAKI ROUSER 200NS. Higher seat, good fuel capacity, 6 speed with a top end speed around 160 kmh, and recommended weight capacity of 130 kg… more than myself. I was happy to find it. I was only disappointed in there being only the 2 color schemes, black and yellow. The turning radius is really wide as well.

After buying the bike and familiarizing myself with it I would have to say that I am quite pleased over all. It gets my wife and I around to where we need to go safely. Even we exceed the recommended weight together the bike still handles well. Excellent in braking distance. The KAWASAKI ROUSER 200NS IS Great in Power and Torque  for having a small engine. For anyone looking for a great deal on a bike in the Philippines and getting better than you paid for, the KAWASAKI ROUSER 200NS is the motorcycle to get. I paid 98,000 CASH Philippine Peso for mine with about an additional 3,000 for insurance and registration at Premium Bikes in Naga City, Bicol. Not A bad shop and good people to do business with.

If you like to dress your bikes up for looks or technology there are groups all throughout the Philippines on Facebook. I have joined A few and I have went through some of the vendors selling goods in the groups. Most are reliable, just pay attention to who is doing what.

I personally recommend the KAWASAKI ROUSER 200NS, but I hope everyone finds what is right for their riding style and stay safe. Don’t  drink and ride. Be responsible, wear a helmet,  safety gear when trip requires, and do not get complacent on the Philippine roadways. Keep your eyes and ears open for observing others, others are not looking out for you.


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